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Returning to the places you once loved

I suppose I've only just now reached the point where I can look back on everything that's caught my interest over the years. Five years ago I was still actively involved with a couple forums dedicated to certain books I loved, but I can't say the same now. Those forums have closed or migrated elsewhere under new names. I'm not an 'oldie' anymore, if I managed to find them again I'd be the forgotten nobody; I doubt a single member of those forums would remember. Even now I can't help wondering where those people have gotten to, what life has brought them. I wonder if they still think about the books (or even still like the books) because... I do. I still love the world of Krynn, depicted in the Dragonlance series. I've begun to miss characters from Forgotten Realms and might even go for a re-read of those once I'm bouncing around between college courses. I'll need a book or two in my shoulder bag for inevitable waiting times, or lines at the noon meal rush.

All of these books I've loved over the years... my memory's faded on a few, I suppose, and but I don't believe my interest has. I feel as though I could pick them up again and it would feel like going home. Am I alone in this, or is it very similar for you? These places kept a lonely girl company during elementary school, junior high, and most definitely high school. I can't wait to pick them up again once classes start, I have a feeling it'll be like returning home after being away for 5+ years, and in some cases... closer to 15 years!

Oh and, while I'm thinking of it (since it's making me smile), have you ever returned to something you once loved to find it horribly written and yet, despite this, you still can't help loving it to pieces?

I might be the oddball in that one, now that I think of it. *hides* :)
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I'd have to say one of my favorite worlds is Pern from Anne McCaffrey's books. It's a very rich world that's filled with detailed history. Another plus for me with that series is that it isn't just fantasy - it's also science fiction. They have telepathic dragons, dragon riders, teleportation, bubbly pies, and holds I'd love to live in. They also have a distant history involving space travel, rogue planets, threadfall and genetic manipulation of dragons. The characters are fun as well. :) I may just have to read them again. It's been some time for me.