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Intro form

There's also a LiveJournal version of this community. But I'll probably be more active here. :)

Name or names you like to go by: Kalli (though others may use this journal to comment too)

What are some of your strongest fictional connections?: Star Wars, Tolkien, Babylon 5, CardCaptor Sakura, Fruits Basket, Highlander, DragonLance, and Star Trek.

How did you come across your ties to fictional characters or worlds they inhabit (or both)?: Movies, books and television

What are some of your favorite hobbies?: Making icons, keeping a journal, photography

Are there any fandoms you're particularly active in/does participating in a fandom make your connections with certain characters and places stronger?: No. Other than reading or watching the listed fandoms.

What characters do you feel particularly close to (if you feel comfortable writing a list, that is)?: It's quite a large list. But several people from the above list.

Do you connect strongly with certain mediums, such as novels, television, movies, or games? (Describe, if you wish!): It seems to be visual media more than books. But books are also included.

What are you hoping to find in this community?: People to talk about favorites with.

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