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I guess I should post one of these intros, since I'm actually a maintainer here. :D

Name or names you like to go by:
  Sessa. "Now Januce" is our collective name, and yes, we are a multiple group, and yes, this is technically a group journal, but I kind of doubt anyone but me is likely to post here, so Sessa will work just fine unless otherwise noted.

What are some of your strongest fictional connections? They tend to be singular, rather than genre, and it's basically always through characters, not place or other elements. Let's see - books: Morgon of Hed, from the Riddlemaster Trilogy by Patricia McKillip; Deborah Blau from I Never Promised You a Rose Garden by Joanne Greenberg (that's an exception, where we identified very strongly with both settings as well as the character(s)); Will from The Dark Is Rising sequence by Louise Cooper; Katie Welker from The Girl With the Silver Eyes; we cried and mourned at the end of The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever, though that was in high school and I kind of doubt we'd have the same reaction now. TV: Charlie Crews from the short-lived series Life; David Tennant's Dr. Who (not because he's pretty, though he is - really for exactly the same reasons as Charlie Crews); Grace from Saving Grace; and... while there are a lot of shows I like, those are the only ones currently occurring to me, so - more as I think of them, I guess. Films: when we were young, The Neverending Story with Bastian and Atreyu (only the first film); um... Jeliza-Rose from Tideland (this may be disturbing to anyone who's actually seen the film); Empire Records and Donnie Darko and Ink, just in general; and some aspects of Night Breed.

I'm sure I'm leaving a hell of a lot out, but I figure I'll have the chance to make it up.

How did you come across your ties to fictional characters or worlds they inhabit (or both)? Um... I read and watch things? :)

What are some of your favorite hobbies? Reading, writing, singing, art (a while back), watching stuff.

Are there any fandoms you're particularly active in/does participating in a fandom make your connections with certain characters and places stronger? No. Honestly, I assiduously avoid fandom(s) in general.

What characters do you feel particularly close to (if you feel comfortable writing a list, that is)?  Eh, I answered ahead of myself. See the fictional connections above.

Do you connect strongly with certain mediums, such as novels, television, movies, or games? (Describe, if you wish!) I can, with everything but games, which just leave me cold.

What are you hoping to find in this community? You know, I'm actually not sure yet. I'm kind of hoping for some conversations to start up (hint, hint, people who aren't maintainers and therefore have absolutely no obligation to speak up, la la) so I'll have some idea of how things will shape up.